The Chopra Center is a well-respected global brand and provide an integrative approach to total well-being. I was tasked with creating a brand for a meditation course. The course had a dated design and needed some creative attention. The responsive landing page needed to effectively explain the course to potential clients and convert them to purchase. I also presented them with a mobile version of the landing environment. With their primary demographic being 40–60 year old females, I wanted to strike the balance between mature and “hip”. They also requested updated social media direction. For this project I focused on calm and meditative colors along with graphical elements pulled from their current brand guide.
Social MEDIA Ads
Landing Page & Mobile Design
Alternative Landing Page & Banner Concepts
The second request from the client was to create a landing page, homepage banner, and banner ad for their Seven Spiritual Laws retreat. For this request I created two concepts and strayed from their current brand guidelines by choosing different branding and graphic elements. My goal was to disrupt what they’ve been doing and try to get them to think differently than they had been. The first direction was closer to what they asked for and the second was based on my own research and exploring new design trends.
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